Somber Silencer

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(First attempt at modding :>)

A custom-made costume for Neon Ninja to look apocalyptic in design, but also retain the cyber look that the class is known for.

Note: The large bit of blocks around the shoulders/neck is a cloak. Also VFX isn't my forte so I won't be able to do too much in that field.

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Author: ChaozDesignz

Tags: Costume,Neon Ninja

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  • blueprint 52+
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_foot
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_foot_a
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_foot_s
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_foot_t
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_hand
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_hand_a
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_hand_s
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_hand_t
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_shin
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_shin_a
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_shin_s
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_shin_t
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_shoulder
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_shoulder_a
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_shoulder_s
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_shoulder_t
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_thigh
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_thigh_a
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_thigh_s
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_l_thigh_t
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_foot
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_foot_a
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_foot_s
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_foot_t
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_hand
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_hand_a
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_hand_s
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_hand_t
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_shin
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_shin_a
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_shin_s
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_shin_t
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_shoulder
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_shoulder_a
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_shoulder_s
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_shoulder_t
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_thigh
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_thigh_a
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_thigh_s
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_r_thigh_t
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_torso
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_torso_a
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_torso_s
    • c_p_neon_ninja_lunar_torso_t
    • equipment_helm_neon_ninja_lunar[thelgmo]
    • equipment_helm_neon_ninja_lunar[thelgmo]_a
    • equipment_helm_neon_ninja_lunar[thelgmo]_s
    • equipment_helm_neon_ninja_lunar[thelgmo]_t
    • equipment_weapon_1h_sword_neon_ninja_lunar[thelgmo]
    • equipment_weapon_1h_sword_neon_ninja_lunar[thelgmo]_a
    • equipment_weapon_1h_sword_neon_ninja_lunar[thelgmo]_s
    • equipment_weapon_1h_sword_neon_ninja_lunar[thelgmo]_t
  • png 1+
    • somber-silencer-mainpreview

The Lunar Ronin Costume, Lunar Ronin Helm, and Lunar Ronin Sword

Lunar Ronin

Lunar Ronin Helm

Lunar Ronin's Blade

Info Extra information for this mod.

Created: July 27, 2020

Updated: July 26, 2020

Submitted: July 27, 2020

Type: TMOD

Originality: Inspired Work

Trovesaurus Views: 973

Steam Workshop Views: 3,829

Downloads: 52

Inspired Work

This idea or design of this mod has been inspired by something else.

Inspiration for the mod came from a combination of things, but was all made to be original in its own sort of nature. 

Helmet: The general helmet design was inspired by Fuze's from Rainbow Six Siege mixed with a hood + more featured gas mask

Chest Piece: The chest design was inspired by Halo Reach's character Jun and it was mostly made to look like a cloth was draped over it. The rest of the design was made around this to have more of a marauder sort of look while still remaining futuristic for what the neon ninja is known for.

Everything else: The mandibles on the left arm, the offset shoulders, etc were made in a way that it would give off a marauder or wastelander type of vibe.

The intent was to look like a Neon Ninja was stranded in the everdark/shadows and adapted his costume to fit the harsh landscapes as well as blend in to his surroundings.

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