Note: This skin goes well with the purple levi torch, try it. Edit: Lmao got a perma, purple sucks XD

Includes custom VFX



Didn't realize I named the ambient file wrong. Are there still people downloading this?

New VFX that look much better now, Selenic Sage Costume

Final Changes, fixed some VFX I didn't like, still Selenic Sage costume

Added VFX, changed to Selenic Sage Costume

Lv 30 costume, no special VFX


Backstory: Too late to save the heir, she now wanders to enact vengeance.

New VFX were inspired by Zylian who said bigger explosions were always better. Shoutout to Kuma Kingdom I miss you guys.


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omg that costume!!!!!!!

liked this!

liked this!

Favorite Ice Sage costume by far!! The VFX is amazing!! So serene and calming - perfect for this mod. 


hey mojo this mod is really good but is there a version with reduces vfx. its not like i dont like the effects but my ram doesnt like it that much. i tried exodaves reduced vfx but that didnt fix it. 


uh haha I made this mod specifically to cram as much vfx as possible into it. However version 1.0 should have no vfx included. Also, version 1.3 has no ambience so it would have better performance.

liked this!


liked this!


liked this!


liked this!


liked this!


liked this!


Selenic Sage set


Level 30 Ice Sage

Lvl 30 ice sage helm

Chilly Channeler




Created: June 14, 2020

Updated: January 4, 2021

Submitted: June 14, 2020

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 635

Downloads: 124

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