What it replaces??
Yoshi Mount: Ganda, the Sky Shepherd!⭐

And it also replaces "Kabiri, the Firetamer" for those who dont have a Ganda⭐
Costume replaces: Level 10 Boomeranger costume⭐

Hat style replaces: Level 10 Boomeranger helmet⭐

Sword style replaces : Chipped sword⭐
Boomeranger Ability [M2] (boomerang) is now the ''Super Star'' from Mario!⭐
Boomeranger Ability [1] (Bawk Bomb) is now the ''Boo Ghost'' from Mario!⭐
Boomeranger Ability [2] (Bomb) is now the ''Piranha Plant'' from Mario!⭐
Sword Neutral attack ✔
Boomerang ability ✔
Sword Multi attack ✔

Ally: Qubesly is now the ''Question mark Box/Block'' from Mario!⭐

I'd really appreciate a like and a Fav!! <3

Feel free to dm me your ideas/anything that you wish to see in game. I'll try my best to make your wishes come true!

Discord: Yashajin#3584


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Created: May 27, 2020

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