Shadow UI (Playerhud + Shadow Sigil)

Author: TFMHisztike and Kentuky, TheSymbol,

Credits: ExoDave, TheSymbol and Kentuky

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liked this!

The SIGIL is still the original and did not change. :-(

@Eddude 3452

it will change only 25000-35000 pr and 400 to 800 total mr, if u are under it it will not change, its not worth for me to chansge "low lvl" sigils, if u play u will get better.. also make sure to use this mod only for playerhud, if u have others it will overwrite it and it will not work.. and check if its enabled in ESC > Mods
if it work for 1 person it works for everyone else

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liked this!

liked this!

liked this!

I want to go through and like them all but that would take like 30mins XD




Created: September 16, 2019

Updated: September 23, 2019

Type: TMOD

Originality: Collaborative Work

Trovesaurus Views: 5,353

Steam Workshop Views: 0

Downloads: 3,801

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