Swaggy Rider

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liked this!

good job on your first mod keep it up

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Author: kayla1

Tags: Mag Rider

Notes: Replace Mag Rider : Chromatic Key Pad

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  • blueprint 5+
    • c_mt_magrail_dance_chroma_arm_bl
    • c_mt_magrail_dance_chroma_arm_br
    • c_mt_magrail_dance_chroma_platform
    • c_mt_magrail_dance_chroma_skull
    • c_mt_magrail_dance_chroma_ui
  • png 1+
    • 2019-08-29 040538

Replace Mag Rider: Chromatic Key Pad

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Created: August 29, 2019

Submitted: August 29, 2019

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 1,168

Steam Workshop Views: 1,120

Downloads: 67

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