Changed fires with HD blood drops in 3rd passive stack of Neon Ninjas.

Download The Electrodevil (1.02)

- Modified melee and replaced Neon Nemessiz with Blood Aura. (Red version of Corrosion Cloak)

Download The Electrodevil (1.01)

- Midnight Marauder Costume with The Electrodevil Costume.
- Midnight Marauder Helmet with The Electrodevil's Head.
- Midnight Marauder Melee Sword with The Electrodevil's Blood Stealer.
- Midnight Marauder VFXs with The Electrodevil's VFXs.
- Neon Ninja UI skills with The Electrodevil's skills. 

Download The Electrodevil (1)

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Midnight Marauder

Midnight Marauder Photon Cutter

Midnight Marauder Helmet

- Midnight Marauder VFXs.
- Neon Ninja UI skills.


Created: August 11, 2019

Updated: August 15, 2019

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

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Steam Workshop Views: 1,535

Downloads: 126