Inspired  by the Busy World of Richard Scarry A apple that just wants to fly


I want to bring a bit of my childhood to life and make something that put a smile on many kids that know the books and just wish the could fly the apple.

So I bring you Inspired by Lowly Worm apple flying car 


Apple Up Up And Away


Disclaimer Richard scarry Famly and the scarry foundation support people using /inspired by from his books for children  charities like extra life and many other helping children  in need 

This Mount is for the Extra Life pack and Only to be  use part of the extra Life pack


Also 2nd Disclaimer  the mount use to make it date back before the vanguardian

and The Modle of That class can be too big for the apple and u see some hair and hats will stick out of it as the vanguard is bigger than most classes in the game on hight when sitting down I spent hours trying to work a way around but the more I try the worst the apple look So for best looking when using the others class than VG.


Hope you all enjoy I spent over 50hs to make look just right and not look to out place for trove with still bring back that charm of what it is inspire by.


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Created: July 8, 2019

Submitted: July 8, 2019

Type: TMOD

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