Introducing: the Ancient Aegis!

After a year or so away from modding, I'm back with a new costume design, and featuring possibly the biggest shoulderpads of any Revenant thus far! The Ancient Aegis is a replacer for the following: the Starter Revenant costume, the Starter Revenant Helm helmet, and the Guardian's Stand spear. Additionally, it replaces the default Spirit Wraith (which affects all Revenants who use said default Spirit Wraith.) It does not replace any VFX. This costume was not created with any particular theme in mind, beyond "spiky" and "black and gold," although over time it rather unintentionally evolved into a vague chess theme.

(As of 1.3, this mod also replaces the Fae Boughskimmer with a favorite implement from the Ancient Aegis's arsenal: the Harvester!)


Adds a replacer for the Fae Boughskimmer, turning it into a sharp-bladed anti-infantry hoverboard for the Ancient Aegis to ride, accompanied by two spectral spears!

Download Ancient Aegis (1.3: meet "the Harvester")

Fixed some default head and/or helmet clipping at the top of the torso!

Download Ancient Aegis (1.2: fixed torso clipping!)

Improved the cape; there's not much else I can think of that I need to change!

Download Ancient Aegis (1.1: better cape!)

First upload of this mod to Trovesaurus!

Download Ancient Aegis (1.0)

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Starter Revenant

Revenant Starter Helm

Guardian's Stand

Fae Boughskimmer


Created: May 31, 2019

Updated: June 10, 2019

Submitted: January 27, 2020

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 870

Downloads: 158

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