Replaces the Blue Manta Ray with Sour Skate's bigger cousin.


My first mod in like a year (? two years??) oh wow

A big rideable version of the sour skate, that adorable rainbow ray that you may or may not have fished out of Candorian waters before. I had this file up and ready to upload for a long time....

This mod~ was originally part of the Aqua Attainable collab.

Thank you, old friends of Modifiers for your support on my clumsy mistakes!! ;;;;;


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Really cute


Thank youu ;;;

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Created: July 16, 2019

Updated: April 7, 2019

Type: TMOD

Originality: Inspired Work

Trovesaurus Views: 410

Downloads: 41

Inspired Work

This idea or design of this mod has been inspired by something else.

Big boi of Sour Skate

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