This mod turns the Lvl 20 Boomeranger costume and helm, Protector's Purpose and Wormwood Bow styles into a mysteriously modern gear from before Trovian time!


Initial upload. I hope you enjoy it! =)


Another quite old project dusted off, yay!

Ever since I saw those concepts about Planet Jackers I knew there must be a costume mod about it to pay homage to Trove's predecessor. And I felt like the Boomeranger would be ideal since they are considered as a "wandering" class without a "home biome" and got plenty of ability items that could be used for various gadgets.

While working on it, I've put this project aside and picked it a few times because I wasn't satisfied how it was turning out but I'm happy to release it in its current form.

I've tried to go with a color scheme the characters on the concept art have and make the gadgets in a similar fashion but also wanted to stay true to Trove's style - hopefully successfully.

Most of the VFX are changed to a yellowy-orange color scheme to give them a sort of "pure-energy-like" feel the glowing parts of some models suggest. There was a little bit of experimenting going on with the bomb and urn's fuse effect, they aren't perfect but I think they'll do (the "aren't perfect" part apply to all VFX, actually :P).

Big thanks to [user=Delicious] and Jusiv for their help, without them, this mod would likely still linger in between surfacing and sinking back to the drawer, collecting dust.

Well, that's about it. I hope you'll like it! =)

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Boomaranger Level 20 Helm

Level 20 Boomeranger

Protector's Purpose

Wormwood Bow

  • Boomerang, Big Bomb, Bawk Bomb, Mysterious Urn, Quchik, heart and gem pickup models
  • VFX


Created: January 19, 2019

Type: TMOD

Originality: Inspired Work

Trovesaurus Views: 972

Downloads: 102

Inspired Work

This idea or design of this mod has been inspired by something else.

Planet Jackers, the game before Trove was Trove

Props to the creator of the concept arts.

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