"Do you want to build a Snowsaaage?" 
Stache took a bite

V2.0 Snowman Hat?!

Hope you enjoy!

Download Carrot-nosed Snowsage (V2.0)

V1.0 Initial upload!

Hope you enjoy!

Download Carrot-nosed Snowsage (V1.0)


|| Message from the Modder ||

" What's happened to me? Ah well! Now I can withstand the cold! "
- Gulliblesaurus

A small project started off late, and ended late,
but hopefully still early enough to call in the site's festivities! :D

A little personal comment, I felt a little awkward about repeating the usual, Santa thing, especially since the years before, we've mostly had a lot of festivities covering the fact Sage is perfect as Santa. I wanted to think otherwise! >:3

Instead of being a Santa type, I wanted him to be more of a Snowman! He'd be the inspirer of little Trovians that run around the snow, and build him to supervise and better the community with pieces of evidence of resourcefulness, practicality and warmth! Warmth, being the example of communities totally giving each other appreciation and affection. Additionally, go join Wyvernfest! The last contest about members, so let's make this count, people! Throw the best notes at Wyvern!! >:D

Also a miniature feature from LAMMAZ,
their depiction of a Santa Sage, Sleighbell Sagesaurus!
it's honestly adorable, hehee! Keep up the good work, dude! ♥


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Updated: December 11, 2018

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