Bird pirate. You've fought them, now you can be one. One with a bow. 


It's hard to have good eyesight as a pirate. Not only do you have to worry about saltwater infection and sword damage to your eye, but you need to wear those ridiculous eyepatches for intimidation. Since eagles are significantly harder to train, many pirates turn to the trusting force of a parrot. 

The last thing a pirate would expect would be for their parrot to overthrow them.


(Side note, isn't it weird that only the Boomeranger and the Shadow Hunter use bows? For such a large assortment of styles, there really should be at least another class that uses them.)

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Sorry this is fairly late but this has to be my favorite costume you've made so far!

The idea is quite good and so is the execution, maybe a bit more colors would be nice but besides that it's good!

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Created: December 1, 2018

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