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This beast's temper can't be controlled when the moon is full. Its rampage causes many casualties throughout the lands, however, some skilled lancers can control this fury and use it against its foes.


Initial upload to Trovesaurus

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Happy Shadow's Eve everyone!
Its the spookiest time of the year and to celebrate it, I will be making spooky themed mods for this month. This is just one of the several mods I will be posting while the event is going on, so be sure to visit my mods page to see those mods come to life.

Theme: Shadow's Eve; Werewolf; Blood Moon
Programs Used: Qubicle 2.0

Time Spent:

  • Design: 30 min
  • Modeling:
    • Styles: 1h 15min
    • Costume: 1h 15min
    • Passive: 1h 30min
  • Texture Maps: 30min
  • VFX: 30min
  • Testing: 30min

Total: 6h


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Created: October 23, 2018

Updated: October 19, 2018

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 1,650

Steam Workshop Views: 3,602

Downloads: 265

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