"The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes." The Duskbringer dances upon the precipice of darkness in order to fight against the encroaching shadows threatening to swallow Trove and Geode alike.


Managed to get the Class Gem shot working correctly, and changed around the non-CG basic shot a bit. More particle effect updates.

Download Duskbringer (1.7 (NEW))

Fixes a few more issues with the particle effects introduced in 1.4 and edited slightly in 1.5. Please be patient, I am still learning how this works from the ground up.

Download Duskbringer (1.6 (OLD))

Fixes a few inconsistencies and issues with the particle effects introduced in 1.4, but otherwise makes no changes. You should still download this instead of 1.4. The changes aren't significant enough to warrant a new batch of screenshots, but are noticeable in-game.

Download Duskbringer (1.5 (OLD))

Finally adds particle effects! Woohoo! These replace all of the default SH particle effects, as well as those applied by the Shadow Hunter's Class Gem (a buggy/broken particle effect was replaced completely by the default shot, but it still looks fine.)

Download Duskbringer (1.4 (OLD))

Doesn't change anything that was in the costume before, but it adds a pretty sweet hood (a replacer for the Dark Hood from the Shadow Market to be precise) that completes the look.

Download Duskbringer (1.3 (OLD))


The idea behind the Duskbringer Shadow Hunter was simple. The name implies "shadows," not "darkness," and so I decided to make something more befitting of literal shadows, I.E. sunset, than the "Trove shadows" of the Shadow Shroud costume, or the edge of the Skysunder Sniper costume.

In designing the Duskbringer, I went for more of a dull, faded but warm colorstyle reminiscent of sunset, with a mixture of metallic bronzes and faded clothy reds making up most of the outfit, along with a few spots of glowing orange (since the Shadow Hunter just isn't the Shadow Hunter without something glowing,) with the only "brightly colored" part of the outfit being the odd cape-tassel on the back. The Wormwood Bow (which I selected because it was one of the two starter bows) and the Sun Snare/1-key throwable both also got this treatment, with the latter being something I'm especially proud of. And finally (and most recently) the Dark Hood because it was easy to work off of as a base, being a hood like what I wanted to make.

Ultimately, I'm proud of this design, and I think it's close to completion, I'm just waiting on a bit more feedback to call it good.


For crafting, I'd imagine this being at the Chaos Core Crafter under Costumes for the following:

10 Chaos Cores, 50000 Flux, 10 Penta-Forged Shadow Souls, 10 Forged Radiant Souls, 1000 Radiant Shards and 1000 Shadow Shards.

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Level 30 Shadow Hunter

Wormwood Bow

Dark Hood


This mod replaces the Level 30 Shadow Hunter costume, the Wormwood Bow, the Dark Hood and the default Sun Snare model with that of the Duskbringer costume. This does not replace any of the particle effects associated with these items until version 1.4+. For a version without particle effects, download 1.3 or lower.


Created: May 24, 2018

Updated: June 21, 2018

Submitted: January 27, 2020

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

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