Crisopeia based-like costume - Replaces The Paragon of the past costume, bone dragoncrown (hat), Butterfly Beesting (fist) and Duelling Daggerknuckle (fist)

Lore: Right after Crisopeia rejected the assimilation of robot overlords, she took over the nearest Special unit factory and created over two thousand FTE units. These were made to either protect the city or eliminate Amperium soldiers.
This is the armor of one the last units that survived before the arrival of superheroes. Its not completely functional as it was, but it still works. It grants super strenght, laser vision that melts everything in front of you on a certain distance, toggle long and close range-fight mode and power to increase gravity around you damaging other enemies + ability to glide/hover (wings move when you fly and move around).

Known issues: Transparent parts might not seem always transparent because of the game that it didnt load up, or some mod.

Download FTE-44 Power armor - Vanguardian (File 1)


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Created: April 3, 2018

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 2,375

Steam Workshop Views: 2,903

Downloads: 193

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