Shadowmaw, Nightmare Incarnate

Author: Spirare

Replaces Galenor with Shadowmaw, based on various styles ingame.


Made changes based on feedback from Junebug, Delicious, and various personal notes.

  • Reduced the amount of ice around the dragon to avoid breaking up the outline too much.
  • Toned down coloration of frozen skin and changed specular map from iridescent to metallic.
  • Added much more physical damage to compensate for reduction in ice.
  • Blood is now solid with a water specular map.
  • Completely remade feet.
  • Completely remade shoulders.
  • Slightly adjusted pattern on the saddle.
  • Increased size of frontal horns to increase resemblance to the Horns of Shadowmaw style.
  • Cleaned up and reduced size of jaw, removed ice from it and replaced it with a glowing blue spike.
  • Tail now curves downwards slightly at the tip, and has a more even bar distribution on the bottom.
  • Cleaned up the blades of the wings.

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Made some changes based on feedback from PowerDj and SkyRider3217 (as well as fixing a small error).

  • Corrected the extra tooth-colored voxels underneath the jaw.
  • The tail sections have been remodeled slightly to better transition in thickness.
  • The internals are now blue instead of green to fit with the other colors featured better (affecting the inside of the mouth and injured feet). The saddle's green gem is unchanged and frozen sections may still shine a greenish tone.
  • The saddle is now gray.
  • The wings are now slightly less transparent.

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Based on the Shadow Maw costume, Shadowmaw Tendril staff, Horns of Shadowmaw hat, Beacon of Betrayal face and Frozen Fiend hat.


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Created: January 5, 2018

Updated: September 4, 2018

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

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Downloads: 407