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11-26-2015 Custom Mod Winner - cmbear08 "sonic the hedgehog but as a hedgehog (the animal) along with the shoes"

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Replaces Meownt. Note that /epicpose is pretty broken. That's due to moving the head and jaw pieces up and out to allow a neck and more visable detail.

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  • blueprint 19+
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_foot_bl
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_foot_bl_s
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_foot_br
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_foot_br_s
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_foot_fl
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_foot_fl_s
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_foot_fr
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_foot_fr_s
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_head
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_head_s
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_hips
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_hips_s
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_jaw
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_jaw_s
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_tail_01
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_tail_01_s
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_tail_02
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_tail_03
    • c_mt_cat_ginger_torso
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Created: December 1, 2015

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