Ossein Apparition

Author: Pennry

Mod Description

Replaces the Starter Revenant with more worn out armor and skeletal frame. Added head and giant's arm spear.

Versions Different versions of files for this mod.

Updated material maps and edited cape.

9.8 KB

Updated the placement of the skull and torso pieces. Updated skull to be much more battle worn.

7 KB

Replaces the Revenant starter costume with what I thought of when hearing the concept. Spear replaces the Revenant's starter spear and the head it the Pumpkin Head.

7.1 KB

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  • blueprint 27+
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_cape_bot_c
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_cape_bot_l
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_cape_bot_r
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_cape_mid
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_cape_top_c
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_cape_top_l
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_cape_top_r
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_elbow_l
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_elbow_r
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_foot_l
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_foot_r
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_hand_l
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_hand_r
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_hips
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_shield
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_shin_l
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_shin_r
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_shoulder_l
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_shoulder_r
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_skirt_b
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_skirt_fl
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_skirt_fr
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_skirt_l
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_skirt_r
    • c_p_spirit_tank_lvl1_torso
    • equipment_helm_pumpkin
    • equipment_weapon_1h_spear_spirittankstarter
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Created: November 5, 2015

Type: ZIP

Originality: Original Work

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Downloads: 950