Bovine Justice

Author: Pennry

Versions Different versions of files for this mod.

Just a TMOD of the last version.

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Some shading updates as well has now skinnier arms and legs to better fit the Trove standard.

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TMOD version

362.6 KB

A cow costume for the Knight. Comes with costume, helm, and melee weapon.

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Author: Pennry

Tags: Costume,Knight

Notes: Replaces Starter Knight costume, Shadome helm and Chipped Sword melee styles.

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  • blueprint 14+
    • c_p_knight_l_foot
    • c_p_knight_l_hand
    • c_p_knight_l_shin
    • c_p_knight_l_shoulder
    • c_p_knight_l_thigh
    • c_p_knight_r_foot
    • c_p_knight_r_hand
    • c_p_knight_r_shin
    • c_p_knight_r_shoulder
    • c_p_knight_r_thigh
    • c_p_knight_torso
    • c_p_knight_ui
    • equipment_helm_shadow
    • equipment_weapon_1h_sword_001
  • png 1+
    • cowpreview
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Created: October 31, 2015

Updated: April 26, 2018

Type: TMOD

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 3,173

Steam Workshop Views: 690

Downloads: 545