Paint Bucket

Author: AJ1AJ

Mod Description

makes the rocket into a paint bucket that flies

Versions Different versions of files for this mod.

The same as version 2 but has been tested on the main server

20.5 KB

The PTS version (The silver bucket with a handle)

20.5 KB

The PTS version

20.2 KB

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  • blueprint 9+
    • c_mt_rocket_white_body
    • c_mt_rocket_white_body_a
    • c_mt_rocket_white_body_s
    • c_mt_rocket_white_body_t
    • c_mt_rocket_white_engine
    • c_mt_rocket_white_ui
    • c_mt_rocket_white_ui_a
    • c_mt_rocket_white_ui_s
    • c_mt_rocket_white_ui_t
  • pkfx 3+
    • character_mount_rocket_idle_01
    • character_mount_rocket_stall_01
    • character_mount_rocket_turbo_01

F4 rocket on Both servers

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Created: October 18, 2015

Type: ZIP

Originality: Original Work

Trovesaurus Views: 1,534

Downloads: 320