Storm Troop

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Created by XBubblegutsX and BaddieBat Replaces: Veiled Hand Helmet Style, Shadow Hunter lvl 10 Costume and Practice Bow

Versions Different versions of files for this mod.
Improved back of helm and changed look of weapon!

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With out the Bow

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Squiggle Bow

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Author: XBubblegutsX and BaddieBat

Tags: Costume,Shadow Hunter,StormTroop

Notes: Improved head and bow!

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  • blueprint 21+
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_hips
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_l_cape_01
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_l_cape_02
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_l_cape_03
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_l_foot
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_l_hand
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_l_shin
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_l_shoulder
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_l_thigh
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_r_cape_01
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_r_cape_02
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_r_cape_03
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_r_foot
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_r_hand
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_r_shin
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_r_shoulder
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_r_thigh
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_torso
    • c_p_shadow_hunter_lvl2_ui
    • equipment_helm_clubits_01
    • equipment_weapon_bow_001[destral]
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Created: January 24, 2023

Type: TMOD

Originality: Inspired Work

Trovesaurus Views: 361

Downloads: 7

Inspired Work

This idea or design of this mod has been inspired by something else.

Level 10 Shadow Hunter