Extended Downtime Server Move - Aug. 27, 2019

Downtime for August 27, 2019, 9:00 am UTC which is 6 months ago

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Extended Downtime Server Move - Aug 27, 2019

Hello Trovians,

We have an upcoming extended (12 hour) downtime coming this Tuesday for all platforms, and want you to be able to plan ahead during our server move. Here are details on the downtime:

Aug. 27 at 2 AM PDT / 11 PM CEST for about 12 hours.

Wait, it's going to take about 12 hours? Yes, we apologize for the inconvenience and know there has been much downtime already from the past week, but this is our estimated downtime for this process. Last week downtime was due to changes on our online platform, whereas this upcoming downtime will be physically moving our servers to a new location. 

We'll let you know if the servers are online sooner or later than our expectations through the Trove forums and Twitter. Due to this much longer downtime, we have prepared a care package for Trovians and thank you all for your patience during this process. 

Super Care Package:

  • 1 Day Patron Pass
  • 20 Lesser Dragon Caches
  • 3 empowered gem boxes
  • 1 streamer dream 1 box
  • 1 streamer dream 2 box
  • 1 streamer dream 3 box
  • 1 dev dream box

EDIT: Moved the time to start one hour earlier.

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bruh i heard that ps4 us servers got ddosed.

Sigo esperando, estoy en cola de 210, ya hay gente dentro del juego?

Yeahhh Gamingo need to f***ing sort themselves out, they have a bad reputation as is let alone having people sat for 3 hours in a waiting queue because apparently 3 hours isn't enough to test the servers??? seriously they are such an awful company, please give the game back to Trion Worlds so people will continue to play... at this rate there will be no one left playing the game by the end of the year.


Trove está con GAMINGO? T_T ya lo veo venir desconexiones, desconexiones everywhere


Yes, lets give the game back to the company that went bankrupt with the game and listened to LITERALLY NOTHING that the community wanted added. Not to mention NEVER fixed anything that was added to the game because as they were concerned if it was added to the game it's finished and nothing else needed to be fixed with it unless it was game breaking. Gamingo is at least TRYING to FIX the shadow tower crashes on Monday while switching worlds. Maybe look at the letter that they sent and read it before you recommend Trion again.

¡Al fin!

Ya Esta bajando la cola de espera! :) que F*cking felicidad


Servers are up but long queue and are locked for testing, as if they hadnt made us wait 56 and a half hours already why not make it over 57 hours?

Its official! The servers are back its just that there is a monstrous queue right now.


acabo de ver :) graciaaas!!! yo esperaré :3

People would be more understanding if the Devs would be less vague. The lack of information, the not knowing, is causing people to be upset. The Robo responses are frustrating. Apparently something went very wrong and they do not want to say what it is. In all my years of gaming, I have not seen anything like this. I find the handling of this situation unprofessional. Someone needs to step up and address the situation.


I 100% agree with you.

guys, I'm sure they're working hard on the problem .... 2 days of maintenance are a big loss for them .... every hour they spend offline they lose so much money ... I don't think they're having fun right now, among the posts of people in forums and those who leave the game and the big loss of money they are definitely having a bad time ... those people who are working for the servers, you have my respect, you don't give up go ahead

I bet they dropped the server tray on the floor and lost everyone's progress so they are in OH SH*T mode and don't want to tell us. lol

But on a more serious note I wish they would update us a little more on their progress they haven't updated the statement for like 2 days now.

La verdad es increíble que una empresa como es GLYPH y un juego tan grande como es TROVE se pongan un plazo de 12 horas para hacer un cambio de servidores y este no suceda, ya van más de 48 horas y no han mencionado otra hora pronostico para el arranque de los servidores, yo entiendo que hay inconvenientes que son de fuerza mayor, pero tampoco jueguen con la paciencia de los jugadores que al fin de cuentas somos los clientes de su negocio.

I bet this maintenance will took them more than 72 hours

Give our servers back!!! RooREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :C
(with an efiggy in the inventory)



How long will we have to wait for the servers?

Give our servers back!!!



it take times if the rush then there maybe no server to go back to.  just wait a bit longer


Yep that's kinda obvious that this situation taking time and servers are fragile..but i'll just hope for the best and for servers to go back online sooner  :)

Já é dia 28 e disse que ia ser dia 27 que ia voltar

Give us more of a reward for waiting more than 24 hours. Like give us 10 greater dragon cashes.

Yo solo espero que las 12 horas no se vuelvan 12 días... ya van 35 horas aproximadamente que no hay servidores... 

i just hope they do something to stop it from screwin up daily logins

Give a lot of more reward; we can't farm/xp and we miss the mineral day :'(

give more rewards lmao


Guys Its not a Small Job When comes to a game like trove the server to move is not an easy job the got to take there time and not rush if the rush it could be very bad for well anything to do with the game & The can cost from up to $10k-$100k so you go be very care full not to damage  anything . You look at a lot work to take down it not like the can just unplug and then move there many steps to just turn it off an then pack up and then move and reset up and turn on an even with turn it on running test lots of test to make sure it all working. Too me, 12h was a min time I move a tower server from a data center to the other one and that was small to what I think they have for trove. Moving my very small one that took me about 16hs from doing all to get it working.  so it could take a couple of days and that what lI think we look at as This will be the first time the Problem move it an they want get right so end day when all done it be worth it more than anything u get for downtime the game will be better than was. 


Ahhh usted si que sabe de Bambini

Pls make its worth.


At least give us more rewards after 24 hours of maintenance ...

maintenance psn a fait 5min hier 

Putain 24h mais c'est quoi ce délire

21 hours ...

T_T espero que no se sigan tardando y que las 12 horas no se vuelvan días... 

Justo Cuando regresaba al juego desde hace muchos años

Cool !

this is a good thing for the game The are Moving the Real server that means better hard wear and more resources for the game to use mean the can do better and bigger thing for the game. So I more than happy that the doing this.