Turkeytopia Mystery Box

Open it to obtain a random Turkeytopia item. Has a chance of containing the rare Springing Turkey mount.

Designed by: Trove Team

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Avarem wrote:

Note: as of this posting this is not yet live - it is scheduled to go out December 18th at 7AM PST.

* The Nightmare and Turkeytopia Mystery Boxes now work like the Snowfest Mystery Box - including the ability to use golden holiday keys on them.
* Fixed bug where 30% bonus for two star stats on equipment increased % Maximum Health stats by too much. Also adjusted up this stat for shadow equipment. This means that while the previous max per equipment was around 65% it is now 50% and also non-two star pieces of shadow equipment should be higher overall.
* Fixed bug where existing rings weren't given 30% bonus for two star stats
* The Ice Sage's shield now only protects you from, and is dispelled by, attacks that do at least 10% of your maximum HP.
* Ice Sage ultimate ability now has a larger radius.
* Ice Crash has a larger radius, slightly longer cooldown, and starts slightly lower.
* Ice Crash will no longer explode when it hits the player who summoned it.
* Ice Sage now starts with 10 less attack speed and the ice ward ability gives +20 attack speed.
* The sound effect for the Ice Sage's shield now plays when you use the ability while a shield is already up.
* Fixed 'face of flow' refunding as the chocolate face.

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Ocho wrote:

Trove’s fall festival has arrived, and you’ll want to gobble up all the nifty items it brings!

Celebrate turkeys by placing them on your head, bouncing around on one, or stopping to admire the truly majestic specimen on its perch in the Hub. Collect Turkeytopia Mystery Boxes from Shadow Arenas all week, or stock up on the in-game store – each one holds a variety of turkey-themed decoration recipes, turkey helms, or even the Turkey Ball mount.

Enjoy the holiday weekend, Trovians!

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Avarem wrote:

These notes are for tomorrow's downtime, see its current status here: http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...14-7-00-AM-PST

* Turkeytopia is live!
* You can find Turkeytopia Mystery Boxes in the store and by adventuring. Shadow Arenas also drop them at a rate of 25% of the time in U1-3, 33% in U4, and 50% in U5.
* Turbo Turkey Mag Rider is now in the store for a limited time!
* Block Friday is here! For this week only all starter packs are 50% off!
* You no longer take damage in the metaforge
* Added shadercache for DirectX renderer - after the first launch, the game should load much faster now when in DirectX mode
* Fixed a bug in DirectX rendering that was causing FPS problems when rendering many players.
* Camera no longer clips through world when jumping
* Fixed an issue with the exit portal in the Corrupted Spires lair found in Neon City zones.
* Fixed bug with assault quests where NPCs often warp back to the totem and heal after stepping on a launchpad
* Added check box to toggle showing offline club members in the roster window.
* The Shadow Arena can now spawn Permafrost-themed and Candoria-themed events.
* Fixed a bug that could cause a temporary minor desync while using Sugar Crash.
* Fix some minor animation bugs
* A Candoria terraformer is now craftable at the Worldspring.
* Music blocks now play notes only for the player that triggered them
* Insta-grouper now animates when enabled or disabled
* You can now go to -75 energy up from -50
* You now must be mastery level 10 or above to use the Homeworld Heart
* You now craft 4 bombs up from 3.
* Dungeon blocks are now more resilient to bombs.
* Ore now spawns more frequently
* Now, only club officers and leaders can set spawn points with the Aligning Astrolabe. Also fixes bug where Aligning Astrolabe could be used in Hub and Adventure worlds.
* Clubs members are now automatically sorted by rank then name.
* Large friends lists now load much faster
* The Add button in the friends list now supports adding to the Ignore list.
* New Dragonfire Peaks lair from Walyn.

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Imported in Patch: Turkeytopia Edition

Designed by: Trove Team

Blueprint: item_box_thanksgiving.blueprint