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Crafting Material. A crystalline green and blue ore that hardens reality against extra-dimensional invasions.

This ore is found commonly on the Geode Topside.

Designed by: Trove Team

Market Values

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Market Summary

PC Min: 4 Max: 5 Avg: 5
XBOX Min: 0 Max: 0 Avg: 0
PS4/EU Min: 0 Max: 0 Avg: 0
PS4/NA Min: 0 Max: 0 Avg: 0

Graph and Recent Submissions

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  • 4 (0%) reported 7 months ago by Etaew
  • 5 (0%) reported 7 months ago by Etaew

This model is not currently available on Troxel!


Imported in Patch: November Update

Designed by: Trove Team



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