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Something altered is changed. Your recently altered appearance, including a new short haircut and stylish new clothes, might surprise your grandparents when they pick you up at the airport.

Altered is an adjective that describes anything that's been changed or modified. You might need altered clothing after you succeed at your diet, or feel like you are in an "altered state" after you've been hypnotized. Altered behavior is behavior you have changed, like the altered habits of your housebroken dog. Altered comes from the Medieval Latin alterare, or "to change."

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Dino Tamer +
An accidental traveller of both space and time, the Dino Tamer uses their knowledge of science and technology to survive in an inhospitable primitive world. The Dino Tamer uses ranged attacks consisting of hunting nets, tranquilizer darts and dinosaur allies to defeat foes.
ChronoMancer +
A costume for the Chloromancer. Turn Time itself against your enemies!
@Jelly Cat +
@Green with luscious lime flavour, not with envy
Rainwater Snail +
Despite their name, Rainwater Snails enjoy healthy gardens no matter the current weather.\n\nRainwater Snails can be adopted rarely from Appleshell Snail Habitats, which can be crafted at the Harvesting Station.
Green and Gold Sail +
E'er the green and gold shall fly above calm sea and beneath blue sky. Can be made at the Nautical Assembler in the Hub.