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A slur is an insulting remark. In a political campaign, it’s not unheard of for a candidate to launch a slur at her opponent, though doing so is usually frowned upon.

Slur can also be used as a verb meaning “to insult,” and it has a number of additional meanings as well. To slur one’s speech is to pronounce words in a clumsy, lazy way. In the context of music, to slur is to slide smoothly from one note to another. The word history of slur is hazy, but some scholars have suggested a relationship with a Dutch word meaning "to drag."

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Revenant +
The Revenant is an oathbound spirit that protects the Sun Goddess's domain. A Spirit Wraith watches over you, saving you from death and joining the fight if it is able, so lure foes to you with a Bulwark Bash and destroy them with Spirit Spears and Spirit Storm.
Lurkey Turkey +
Sometimes you just need to hide until the storm blows over.
Revving Record Scratchers +
Makes your foes wonder how they ended up in their current predicament.
Yvendor, Aegis of Ancients +
Given light from the furnace of the sun, Yvendor has watched over Sunseekers across the ages.
Quchik +
Who you callin' chicken?
Wonderful Wave Sail +
For the sailor who can not get enough of the sea even while they are on it.
Flower Wings +
One beholder's beauty is another's terror.
Mini Mine