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However we aren't a large site, all site development and giveaway arrangements are done by one person in their free time. To help with server costs and development time (my own free time), please whitelist us or consider Trovesaurus Gold. Thanks - Etaew

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Trovesaurus Gold

Trovesaurus Gold is a way for us to provide perks for people who donate to support the site. This should not be thought as a payment for Gold, but an added benefit for donating.

Get Gold

Get Trovesaurus Gold by donating to the site. The amount of your donation will determine the duration of your Gold. $5 is the equivilent of a month.

After donating you will be returned to Trovesaurus where the time should automatically be credited to your account, if there are any problems please contact Etaew.


Trovesaurus Gold is available as a reward option for contests, please see the relevant section if you receive a token.




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