2nd Anniversary Giveaway

Join us from Saturday, 17 December to Sunday, 25 December in celebrating 2 years of Trovesaurus. Enter the giveaway for a chance at one of several yummy prizes.


December 17, 2016, 3:00 pm UTC
3 years ago


December 25, 2016, 3:00 pm UTC
3 years ago

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WOW, been a member about a month now,got the game and searched how tos on how to play for ps4 console and found this forum,got hooked with all the info here..meaning database-although seriously unmanned and out dated most is relevant yet all forums and even TRION WORLDS still PC geared forums 99% of it at least.

Just seems to me if you launched on other systems ie. Consoles all of this should have previously been changed or give us out own up to date forum or something..

And to top it off, after us console player members in this forum been trying to get a promotional mount to no avail,i just read that the 2nd anniversary mounts for this console roll out are not available for console players. Does this go for all the giveaways and contests we entered and senti n via this forum???? Which means anything that can be gotten her is for PC PLAYERS ONLY????

Geeze trovesaurus that literally takes the second anniversary cake right there..I love this game and this forum,i just wish us console players felt that love back.. So happy birthday and thanks for nothing.

P.s. i do have a legendary dragon mount..but that's only because I paid real world cash.

Thanks - Disgruntled Trovian

A fansite giveaway that ended over a month ago is a strange place to give feedback about Trove ;)

very happy^^



Rip in pepsi


No winners? :(

i wish everyone the best of luck

Omg nice gifts

Good luck everyone. Lets get 1000 if we can! Hoping for a good pack, but more hoping for any win. If there is a comment below this and its gibberish disregard it, that was an accident.

Such a season full of exciting things.


Lunacy would be awesome! i already have the lunar lancer sooo :P

please give Spooky swag bag or the essentials pack.


lunacy pack is one of my favourite packs. it comtains (i think) 2 costumes and the lunar lancer class itself. it also has 2 mounts and 2 tomes (chaos codex and dragon coin digest) I JUST WANT!

Whats The Lunary pack?

A typo, Lunacy.

 I love this site and comunity,  have a good 3rd year and may everything be prosperous,  ill be sticking with alll the way,  love you guys!!  ♥ 

Good luck everybody !!!

sans????? :^)


I joined 2 days ago which was December 20 after hearing from a friend that this website offers a lot of help to starting players... He wasn't wrong.

Oh and Happy anniversary :3

good luck everyone


Have a nice third year Trovesaurus :P

good luck

Merry Anniversary and Happy Christmas Trovesaurus!

I starded when a channel called ScythenPlays in youtube made a video on how to get the promo pet at this site and i'm loving this website eversince!

happy trove

Hi I don't know whats to say I dont remeber how i even got on this site. But anyways hope i win something. No hopes tho

Happy Anniversary Trove! It's been two years and I am sure that we will continue growing! 

GG Trovesaurus!

I'm new to trovesaurus and I've only been here for about almost the day but so far I've enjoyed what has been offered  and if I don't win I hope you guys do.

First time I visit this was like 2 months ago I pretty newin trove and I start playing that time I remember that I was so lost I didnt know what to the and the googling I found "giudes" a page from trovesaurus then I saw they have a full like forum thing with guides comments even in that time the free mount and I get the class coin I was so happy I found a guide for my shadow hunter(I was looking for that) and then I found the rest contests info about the game this web really help me now Im just struggling trying to get the CG for my shadow hunter I already opened like 40 gem empower boxes and I only get 1 fragments ._. well Thnx for all that you are :)

What an awesome thing to do for the community and I would like to congratulate your site on it's second Birthday!


What an amazing place you have built! <3 Good luck to all and Happy Holidays!

Good luck everyone

Happy Birth Day , continue to do a good job :D



GLHF everyone

I Will Cross My Fingers


Wait a sec, if I win  as an Xbox player can I still use this?



Currently prizes are PC only

HB !!! Don't drink too much ^_^

Nice celebration !

happy birthday!

I hope you guys had great two years and are going to do this for a long time. Happy Birthday Trovesaurus!

glhf :3

Very happy anniversary Trovesaurus c: 

Happy Aniversary ;)

dat price o_o

All the best for that god website :D And thank you for everything :D


wish I could win i will be so much happy!


Thankyou for all the help you have given me, in the past 2yrs.  I always recomend new ppls at trove to look at your site if they need help etc. ty :)



Started play Trove a year  ago and couldn't get into it. But a week or two ago, I started playing again and fell in love with it. This site has been a huge help for me to get back into the game and feel less lost. Thank you so much!

cool beans. happy anniversary. 

good job

Good Job Trovesaurus! :D ♥



Congrats!! \o/


Happy two Years Trovesaurs! 

i love trovesaurus all the news the mods that help to improve the experience of the game always keep doing this great work guys and happy  2nd Annniversary!

Happy 2nd Anniversary! (:

Happy 2 year Anniversary Trovesaurus and Etaew!  The site has grown by leaps and bounds in the past two years...  and I thank you for that.  Here's to many more years of fun to come.  Best wishes!!!  

GOOD LUCK guys! i need the Extra Life 2015 pack or To the Nines Costume pack or Prehistoric pack


I'm relatively new to Trovesaurus, but it seems its community never stops growing. Hope Trovesaurus stays alive and well for many more years to come. Happy Birthday! :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TROVESAURUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love you guys you always informed me about whats new in trove (i checked everyday your website) the trovesaurus mount was my first mount if trovesaurus didn't exist i was now riding slow sebastian :) thank you guys for the good years!!!

greetings from belgium

Damm it has already been 2 years?


Happy Birthday!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary !!!

Happy Birthday, ya big lizard!

Happy birthday/anniversary Trovesaurus,even though I just signed up today.I've been following guides on this site for entirety of my Trove playtime and it was worth it.I'm a newbie with lots of information thanks to this website.Your gargantuan deed was not repayable by me so I can just say 'I Love Trovesaurus'. :D

Happy birthday Trovesaurus, its been a great club to work with and all the people who get involved and make it a great commuity to be a part of. x

Happy for you Trovesaurus and merry xmas!

Happy happy Birtday Etaew, and thanks for all the good info u have given us over these 2 years. I hope as long as u are loving what u are doing here, we will have the opportunity to enjoy your site.

Happy Birthday Trovesaurus and merry christmas! :D

Grats trovesaurus! I hope all winners get what they wanted and you all have a merry christmas!

Happy Anniversary 

Congrats! Hope people win what they want!

Happy Anniversary

Happy Birthday Trovesaurus!

Thanks for bring us the latest news, mods, contests, giveaways etc and keeping alive the community~

And GL all, hope this will reach 1k singups >.>



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