Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm Giveaway

Thanks to BlacKiE MaiDeN, We are giving away 20 Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm over the next week.


July 22, 2016, 3:00 pm UTC
4 years ago


July 29, 2016, 3:00 pm UTC
4 years ago

Giveaway Finished

The giveaway has finished, rewards distributed = 20


20x Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm

20 people will be selected at random to receive 1 reward


1,256 Signups

1.59% chance to receive 1 reward

  • Hyus - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • Kuspa - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • Veteran - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • Hzzard - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • [Deleted User] - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • Silberzahn - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • oakey1 - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • xN3R0 - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • TheSymbol - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • dnb_gaming - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • Heis_ - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • cheee - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • [Deleted User] - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • RipperAbyss - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • [Deleted User] - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • RagingKitten - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • Flammensuko - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • TheRedstoneNinja - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • CHAN0 - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
  • BLU3Y - Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm
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I neeeed


Ah well i guess congrats to the winners, and hope those who did not win this giveaway may win next-time, until then, keep playing trove, xD...

Well done to the winners!



[Deleted User]

ya well good job winners :(


Don't worry about not winning, I'm sure you'll win something in the future! :)

[Deleted User]

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good luck everyone 

good luck

[Deleted User]

lol 1279 Signups


WOW! 1200+ peeps joined.

Good luck everyone! \ :3 /

hey mate can you done a giveaway again, or put some codes to people get it? because its so hard get that , Thanks man

Wish ye all lucky on the draw! 1269 rosters and 20 gifts! Those gifts will be something special!

Удачи вам,ребята!;D

Good Luck to everyone ^^ and thanks for that Giveaway

[Deleted User]

me plz let me  win it!



Good luck to all fellow gamers, although there maybe 20 prizes, i hope everyone is satisfied after this givaway, xD...

[Deleted User]

i hope i win come on


GOOD LUCK TO ALL PPL U R ALL GREAT!!!!  Luv all of u <3

I'm dieing for this mount

Good luck all! :)





Good luck everyone :D

IGN nenogamer

[Deleted User]

Вау каждый день розыгрыши!

Wow. Over 1000 people... Good job anyone who gets it.



Good Luck :D

good luck everyone and even if you dont win at least you tried and there will always be a next time so GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE :D

Good luck 



[Deleted User]

I want one: Stormhammer clan forever.

[Deleted User]

@Etaew help me: Your new account system is .... not that good (shit?). And i prolly signed up a few times now, becouse the website always shows me that im "not part of this event", could i just get my old account back ? :,c also pls kick any multiple signups of "Aviana" out of the contest 4 me, dont wanna try n cheat.

Well that's bad of you. The participating in contest display on the right hand side is sometimes delay by cache. You should always be able to check your status on this page itself.

[Deleted User]

TY, still i dont wanna get kicked out of this, and i hope you understand my struggle. I have to switch between like 5 different Accounts now all the time, becouse i once accidently clicked "login with facebook" and once logged in with gmail to try and find my old account before my friend told me they got deletet.

Here i am again - just found the account i will now use as main account: THIS ONE. I double-entered the Falminar Giveaway, sadly. I hope you can revert this. I dont want to "cheat" thats why im calling myself out. SO to explain it: THIS ACCOUNT called Aviana will be my new account, if you could delete "Soon Typ"/ entrys i made from the account "Soon Typ" i would be gratefull, i don't really wanna miss out on a chance to get this mount becouse i think its pretty friggin awsome.

I think I'll run a account merge / consolidation promotion in the future.

one out of 53 players will get one. Good Luck everyone.

[Deleted User]

GL every1

Good luck, it will be hard to get with more than 1000 singups :3.


A little red panda.


[Deleted User]

GL to everyone


[Deleted User]

Gl to everyone!

Gl to everyone i really want this mount and so does everyone so gl :D

heart of the cards 

Wow, 947 signups. Good luck to everyone again and whoever wins, Luck is truly on your side.  

Hey quick question. I for some reason cannot find my account, so instead I'm logging in with this new one I meade. Is that okay?





Good luck to all im sorry but i am new to trove and this mount will help me sooooooo much im not saying give it me but i just really need a mount to help me travel and this would make my life so much easier then ever. Im sorry to anyone that you think im making them choose me plz forgive me. =}

I hope you will get one !

Good luck to everyone

Ty and good luck to you as well i hope u get u seem like a good person xD sorry idk what to say and if u dont know me well bc im new only a lvl 18 (<----Sucks) Omg now a days ppl r with these cools mounts im like over here like with the car xD

[Deleted User]


These draws are always so exciting! Good luck everyone.

It's all RNG, but no reason in not trying eh?

[Deleted User]

can't wait to get more mounts!

Can't wait to become a Griffin rider!

Excited, hope I win!



[Deleted User]

This mount is so beautiful, i'd love to get one :D good luck everyone!

i usually dont win any contests/giveaways that give out big prizes, hopefully this will be different

Remembers me of ol' WoW days. (Stormhammer clan)

[Deleted User]

Such an awesome mount


.3. what is this im new im sorry

[Deleted User]

GL !!

50 points for Gryffindor.

Good Luck Guys :D

[Deleted User]

Надеюсь получу. Всем удачки

[Deleted User]

good luck guys (I hope i get 1 :3)


goo luck :D


good luck




hope i win :)

Good luck guys :)

[Deleted User]



Good Luck Everyone, Stay warm and Fuzzy!

[Deleted User]

GL peeps,i really want one for mastery :DD

Good Luck Guys! :)


I Hope I Get One :D

Good luck everyone :)

I really want one, it's so cute :D


good luck everyone i hope i win 1 :D



Everyone Good Luck :)

lemme win :D


Cool! Good luck everyone

[Deleted User]


Holy shit that thing looks cool af.


[Deleted User]




I got a feeling...

gl 2 every1 in dis giveaway : >>>

Dude who ever that made this is awesome, This is such a awesome mount, Good luck to everyone :)


Oh man that's a very pretty mount!  It's gonna be a long wait til the 29th.  Good luck everyone!

[Deleted User]

this will be mine hopefully plez you devs and stuff yall sexy pick me


? y not on this mount i'm enter draw my trove nick but not in collection mounts promo Falminar, Guardian of Thunderstorm 

and my trove nickname is lagel2015

There is no way I'm missing this chance (*^*) Good Luck Peeps!

I so hope I win this.

BTW, good luck to everyone :)

Woooh, what a beautyfull mount !! <3
Good luck everyone !

The creator should be proud of this thing... just gorgeous. Good luck, everyone! =)

[Deleted User]

Getting a lovely Wow vibe from this. Interested to see who'll win. ;)

Good luck, boys.

GL all ;)

Really hope I win, need a new fresh mount


if there are only 105 peopel when it starts im prob gnna win 1


oh cool free bird mount


lovely creation he'll be perfect for my LL :)


good luck all

[Deleted User]

i mean theres 20 of them ,how many people are in the contest?XD answer:666


This is a wonderfully created mount, very nice work my friend.

Good Luck to everyone that enter. Have Fun!!

Good Luck to everyone that are entering the giveaway 



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