Permafrost Panda Giveaway

Thanks to Evilagician and Ylva we are giving away 20x Permafrost Panda mounts for today only.


November 21, 2017, 3:00 pm UTC
2 years ago


November 22, 2017, 3:00 pm UTC
2 years ago

Giveaway Finished

The giveaway has finished, rewards distributed = 20


20x Permafrost Panda

20 people will be selected at random to receive 1 reward


946 Signups

2.11% chance to receive 1 reward

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Thank you! It's so cute!

Thank you! :)

do you get a message if you win. cos i want to see that sometime. im so triggered i never win anything

yes you will get a message

Congratulations to everyone who won

gg everybody

i signed right now lol





GL to everyone

Axolotl Gif Lucky

Have an Axolotl for good luck, everyone

lol 954 people signed up

B E S T  O F  L U C K ! ! !

only 35 mins to go so good luck all 

hi im am new

I never win, even on my birthday ;-;

I hurt myself if i not win i never win no break, why life


panda pandaa

Yut Yut

Good luck all! :)

Goodluck all


gg boa sorte

Boa sorte a todos

Good Luck All!

Im never gonna win, its a scam i tell ya XD

Yay one more chance! GL all

Good luck!

Good luck everyone!

Good Luck 


Good luck guys!





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