G.R.Y.P.H. 3000 Giveaway

To replace pendk's Salt Sower giveaway that was scheduled, he has nominated TheMafian's G.R.Y.P.H. 3000 as the replacement.

These codes are valid on all platforms.


July 26, 2017, 3:00 pm UTC
3 years ago


August 2, 2017, 3:00 pm UTC
3 years ago

Giveaway Finished

The giveaway has finished, rewards distributed = 20


20x G.R.Y.P.H. 3000

20 people will be selected at random to receive 1 reward


2,788 Signups

0.72% chance to receive 1 reward

Comments and Likes Comments 173

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G.R.Y.P.H. 3000

gg :,)


congrats!!!  :(

  • dont have anything










[Deleted User]

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[Deleted User]

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i really need a flying mount








[Deleted User]

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[Deleted User]

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[Deleted User]

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[Deleted User]

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I have little hope in achieving ownership of this wonderful mount... sigh.

[Deleted User]

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[Deleted User]

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How long does it take to get it?

How long do i need to wait now?


you didnt win


Gimme' Gimme' Please!

gl everyone

Good luck all


eu vo ganhar

Hope Everyone Can Win But Theres ?snt Enough G.R.Y.P.H 3000 I Hope You Win Who Read This :)

I hope I win,Goodluck everyone


Hope i'll win , i'm new on the game..

I hope to win, I never win anything

My brother won the other day. I hope i can


Amazing!! Hope i be lucky enough to get one ^^


I hope I Win :3

Good luck everyone!

Good luck to all!

I hope I winnnnnn

good luck


Good Luck !! :)

Good Luck

Come on RN JESUS


Good Luck everyone :D

Good Luck ! :D

1%. :D Good luck everyone. XDDDDDDDDDDD

Good luck everyone!

wow  good luck to you!

Wow only 1%! Insane! GL everyone

Good luck 

only 1% chance

Good luck all :D

J'espère aussi gagner sa sera mon premier giveaway et au passage bonne chance tout le monde

Best of luck to all!!!

Hopefully I might win even though the chances are really low :)


this is gonna be my first time joining a giveaway ;D


true i wish i win


best monture in best look


GL everyone ty for that beatiful giveaway

First time XD

Can i confirm that i will win xD


My first  time trying a giveaway 

first time try giveaway..

im gonna win i hope lol

GL everyone!

Good Luck everyone :)

Another giveaway for something I want but will never win :)


everyone is saying "goodluck to everyone"  i'm gonna skip that phrase and wish  goodluck to myself just this once :P <3

Good luck to everyone 

Good luck :*

Good luck ^_^

Good luck all :D

All the best

good luck all

Good luck everyone 

Good Luck

i hope i win.

i never get good things in trove

Nick: Sxnoth

participo mi nick es RubenElPapi

no tengo monturas asi de buenas :v


Good luck every one. I never win any thing 

participo IGN: albremix

boa sorte lindos

 Good luck all

Visit our club on xbox one /joinworld arts 

Good luck


gl too all

good luck guys :D

thank you!!

good luck all

good kcuds

good luck everyone :P

good luck guys


Good luck :D

Nice job to those that win!



GL Hope i win


Good luck

I am sick GL!s :L

Good luck guys!

Good luck everyone!

Good luck everyone!

tomara que eu ganhe



I will win this one!

Good Luck Everyone!

good luck evryone even if i dont get it Atleast you will! =) 

Its my Bday today! 

i always wanted this mount. GL!

I know im one out of thousands of players, i just found out about free class coins but im too high mastery to get them so i would be grateful if i got this nice mount :)

I've always wanted a griffon mount, I hope I win one...

Good Luck!

Good Luck!


GL every1

gl guys!



Good luck boiz

Good Luck 

Well Gg to the winners

I wish! Good luck everyone

Hey! Good Luck people! o/

Good luck

I know I won't winn, but good luck guys.



Good Luck~~

I ain't gonna win so congrats to all who wins ????

Best ol luck lads

Good luck to everyone! :D

Sweet  Gl yall


GL friends


Good luck everyone ^^

I need it good luck everyone 

Good luck!

=) oh santococu dame la magia de ganar

ммм хочу этого маунта!

а кто его не хочет

Nice. I already have one of these and eevvvvvvvveryone is always asking me where I got it on PS4. Good luck everyone.

Gl everyone!

Good luck to all of you guys! :D


One question: Is that a dragon?

no - it's a griffon - G.R.Y.P.H , it's a robotic griffon mount :3

GL everyone!

GL! everyone!

Beautiful looking mount, good luck guys!

I hope I get one of these!

it looks dope




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