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St. Qubeslick 2020 - Art Challenge

Etaew March 10, 2020 0 4

This art challenge we would like to encourage our artist community to create fanart based on the St. Qubeslick 2020 event or the general St. Qubeslick theme.

Best Buddies

#Trove Loading Screen Fan Art Contest

Featured Art Comments:

"I will protect it" - Tauf
"I want to see it grow up healthy" - Meowser
"I want to tell my friends and neighbors about it" - entity
"Wow" - Phantasie
"As Phantasie said "wow"" - Tynaut
"Best buddies is best, I shared with my buddies." - Mobi

Avalon's Playtimes


Featured Art Comments:

"So playful and cute <3" - Meowser
"Looking at this like Avalon is looking at that 4 leaf clover. Adorable Avalon artwork!" - Mobi



Featured Art Comments:

"The shading on this is absolutely incredible. This feels like it should be in a children's book." - Meowser
"I love the pose!" - Tauf
"The rendering is so nice and soft, on those clovers especially! What a lovely piece." - entity
"I would totally print this out right now, frame it, and hang it on my wall. Love the brush quality." - Tynaut
"So clever with the clovers and captured such a lovely moment." - Mobi

Bringing luck


Featured Art Comments:

"The lighting in this is incredible and I love all of the details in the wings" - Meowser
"Absolutely majestical Avalon art, thanks for sharing with us." - Mobi

Morning, Avalon


Featured Art Comments:

"This is fantastic. A quiet calm before the storm. I adore the little frog on his shoulder too." - Meowser
"So stylistic and quite the magical St. Qubeslick for sure." - Mobi

St Qubeslick


Featured Art Comments:

"This is so powerful! I love the fantasy and the detail on the rainbow wings and the gryphon!" - Meowser
"Amazing drawing showcasing everything magical about St. Qubeslick. Thanks for sharing!" - Mobi
"My favorite part about this is the leprechaun bat fae trickster (?) dressed for autumn; but also I love that everywhere I zoom there is more interesting detail to behold" - Mr. E.

Clover Lover


Featured Art Comments:

"I love the expressions. You always kill it." - Meowser
"Always love anything mau5head!" - Tynaut
"OMG love this style and artwork. So creative and fun!" - Mobi

St. Qubeslic 2020 Pixelart


Featured Art Comments:

"Really great job capturing Lanci and Squatty on such a small scale <3" - Meowser
"Making good use of such little real estate is what makes pixel art shine, this included. Nice job!" - entity
"Perfect idea to add pixel art for this event, great work!" - Mobi

The Clover Mages

[Deleted User]

Featured Art Comments:

"Back to back against the oncoming hordes, who else will defend the castle if not for the brave trickster and slinger duo!" - Meowser
"Awesome art with these buds back to back, hope to see more of your great work!" - Mobi

Lucky Campers


Featured Art Comments:

"I absolutely adore the linework you did. It looks like its in game!" - Meowser
"What a lucky group of lads waiting by the campfire, good job!" - Mobi
"really cute" - Mr E.

A Shamrockin' Pinata in search of a lucky clover


Featured Art Comments:

"Totally shamrockin' it over here, well done." - Mobi