Snowfest 2020 Challenge ended 4 months ago

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Snowfest 2020 - Art Challenge

Etaew December 16, 2020 1 6

The Snowfest 2020 event has launched, and it's time for our challenge to the Artist community. Draw Snowfest 2020 or Holiday Countdown related fan-art for a chance to win the Holiday Countdown pack.

Snowfest 2020 - Art Challenge Results

Etaew January 11, 2021 0 1

Thank you to everyone for taking part in our Snowfest 2020 challenge, it's always great to see you guys bringing the world to life with your creations. We've spoken with [Mobi] and have the results ready for you, the rewards have been distributed and the excess Holiday Countdown packs are now in the Trovesaurus Rewards section.