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Trove themed fan-art, images added with sources.



Neon Ninja Contest

Class Art 9 - Neon Ninja

Etaew (PC) November 7, 2016 2,576 views

This month you guys voted on having the Neon Ninja drawn. Submit some fan art representing the Neon Ninja in Trove by the end of the month, for a chance at some Trove Goodies.

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Neon Ninja - Class Art Results

Etaew (PC) December 1, 2016 1,377 views

Thanks to everyone who entered our November Class Art Contest for the Neon Ninja, we are ready to present the results.

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Nightshade Ninja

Darkpineapple58 (PC)

Neon Ninja cyber g

MarkChrome98 (PC)

Neon Stroke

Torrentia (PC)

My Nightshade Ninja Build

Andrewthemist (PC)

neon ninja (heartbleed)

xXDonDonXx (PC)

Ninja with super shuriken

Keshavi (PC)

Neon Ninja Girl

s (PC)

Zal's Neon Ninja

Zalikas (PC)


mr_game_dude (PS4/EU)



Abstract Kaleidoskop Shuriken

MCratte (PC)

8-bit Ninja

ShadowSPiCa (PC)

Call of Neon

Max6712 (PC)


/!\ NAME /!\ MLOL (PC)

Neon Ninja Reboot Costume


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