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Group Contest

The migration shifted this contest back a week, but we're going to start it up now and run it for 2 weeks. The topic for this contest is "Groups", we'd like you to draw a group of characters in the Trove world, whether this is just made up or the ones you really adventure with is up to you.

Posted by Etaew (PC) November 23, 2016

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Thanks for the artists who have been taking part in our Group Contest, for the next few days we will open community voting to allow you to pick some of the winners. All you have to do is mark entries that you like. To help motivate you, a random "liker" will receive 3 Reward Tokens.

Posted by Etaew (PC) December 13, 2016

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Thanks for taking part in our Group Art Contest, here are the results. Some were chosen by the community through voting, some by Trovesaurus and others at random.

Posted by Etaew (PC) December 18, 2016

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Quinnce (PC)

#Boomeranger,#Dracolyte,#Group Contest,#Neon Ninja,

Carlos_hnc (PC)

#Group Contest,#Snowfest ART Contest,

Darkpineapple58 (PC)

#Boomeranger Contest,#Group Contest,

SkyTheVirus (PC)

#B_Yellow,#Chronozilla,#Digiwolf,#Group Contest,#Players,#SkyRider3217,#SkyTheVirus,#Spash Screen Contest,

_Inky_ (PC)

#Group Contest,#Line Art Contest,


#Dino Tamer Contest,#Group Contest,

Ainogommon (PC)

#Dino Tamer,#Dino Tamer Contest,#Group Contest,

_Inky_ (PC)

#Dino Tamer Contest,#Group Contest,

SkyRider3217 (PC)

#Dino Tamer Contest,#Group Contest,#Line Art Contest,

Ainogommon (PC)

#Badly Drawn for Blackie,#Group Contest,

Ecaboo (PC)

#Candy Barbarian Contest,#Group Contest,

KawaiiCaretaker (PC)

#Anniversary Contest,#Group Contest,

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