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Trove themed fan-art, images are uploaded by the user and can be assigned a category and various tags. All uploads must be your own original work.

To join the art discussion you can visit the #artists channel in the Trovesaurus Discord server.

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Neon Nightsky Edition Patch Notes

cantafrond March 9, 2015 0 0

The Neon Nightsky Edition patch notes have been published! The update is scheduled to arrive on 3/10/15. Maintenence will begin at the usual 7:00 AM PST start time and should last for about three hours.

Dracolyte Class Art Contest

Etaew August 1, 2016 2 0

In parallel to our sponsored art creation of the community voted class - Dracolyte. This month we invite Trove Artists to also submit Dracolyte art for a chance at a Trove Pack of their choice.