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Community Draws Tali

Taliday Art Contest

Etaew (PC) October 3, 2017 2,198 views

To celebrate the upcoming birthday of our friend Talita (PC) we are hosting an art contest for her, submit art images of her face or characters for a chance at Trove related goodies.

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Taliday Results

Etaew (PC) October 17, 2017 299 views

Thanks for taking part in our birthday celebration for Talita (PC) . Here are the results.

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Quinnce (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,#Shadow Hunter,

Folgner (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Milu_ (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

CDM135 (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

UziEl (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

cerkaz (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Illustrado (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Nek00 (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

ZeeNon (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

IIDipperII (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Chrilto (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Hinku (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

HabaHaba (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,

Jovan4025 (PC)

#Community Draws Tali,


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