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Trove themed fan-art, images are uploaded by the user and can be assigned a category and various tags. All uploads must be your own original work.

To join the art discussion you can visit the #artists channel in the Trovesaurus Discord server.

Bubbling Biofield Contest

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Bubbling Biofield (Game Draws)

Etaew January 1, 2018 3 20

Thanks to SkyRider3217 we are running a contest to give away Bubbling Biofield auras. Game Draws are contests to create related fan art for a chance to receive a specific item.

Bubbling Biofield - Results

Etaew January 18, 2018 0 3

Thanks for taking part in SkyRider3217's art challenge where you were asked to take part in drawing Trove fish. Here are the results, the highlighted winners will receive a Bubbling Biofield aura code in their mail.