Topside Leviathan Blade

[Melee] [Geode Topside]

9 months ago

by V_lt Home Files


this is my first trove creation, hope i formatted everything correctly!

hope you like it :)




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V_lt 9 months ago

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Creation Status Changed to Draft
by V_lt November,16 2021 23:48


Oh wow, thats a complicated way to get things done :) You should be able to export as .qb straight from Magica Voxel, look for Export in bottom right corner, click on that and it should show something like this:

It might differ in versions of Magica, but they all can export as .qb. Hope it helps :)



i don't remember exactly what i did but I had trouble exporting the .vox model from magicavoxel as a .qb file, so I converted the .vox model into a .qb file via a program on google and then converted it into a blueprint.

what I think happened is that it scanned the exterior of the model and just left the interior empty because it had no data of it, regardless, i will fix it soon enough.

thank you for your help!


What sort of importing program did you use? If you still have your QB file that you converted to blueprint, it should have the same model as you exported from Magicavoxel.

Did you encounter troubles following our tutorial guide? Step 5 is how to preview creations in game, and at the bottom of it there is a 'modding in' method that is very reliable. 


I had trouble importing the model into trove so i used an importing program and it may have created those gaps to sort of "optimize" the model, they weren't intentional as i'm 100% certain I filled them up in magicavoxel, anyways, i will try to fix it.

regarding the purple shades, sure i can do that and as for the material maps I will check them out too.

thank you for your review! will try my best to fix all the issues.

Creation Status Changed to Active
by Ylva November,07 2021 21:03

Hello and welcome :)

I dont say this often, but this sword looks really good! Im very fond of a non-straight blade shape and its really good to see Leviathan-themed creations too!

As you probably know, Trove has over 900 various melee designs that players can use so all freshly approved sword creations have to be truly outstanding, unique and well-made. You have the hardest part - unique - covered already!

As for well-made: if you open your model in Troxel you will see a 'Lint and Export' button on the right sidebar under Trove Creations. Select type of your creation and click it - it will highlight all technical issues, if there are any. Currently your sword consists of many many voxels that are not actually connected to eachother. Each separate voxel takes extra effort for game to process and display so we have to make sure that everything is connected.

Here are some (but not all) gaps that i mean, please fill them all in to make whole sword a complete model:

Another thing, Leviathans are not purely green and while i do enjoy those vibrant deep greens, i think the sword will benefit if there was a tiny bit more color. May be some purple shades could be used to separate the hand-guard area from the blade?

Last but not least - i suggest you try to use some Material Maps on your creations > 
They are used to make voxels glow, shine like metal or be transparent like glass. That yellow 'eye' in the middle surely could use some glow :D Please do keep in mind though, maps can not overlap, so if you map a voxel as Glowing (on Type map) you can not map it as Metal (on specular map). Trove does not render 'glowing metal' or 'waxy glass' etc. Good thing, that Lint and Export button will also highlight any material map overlapping :)

Im going to change status of your creation to Active for now, set it back to Needs Review once you upload changes. If you would rather create something completely different - you could change the status of this one to Draft. That will hide it from the public list and will free up a slot for another creation :)

In any case, good luck!

liked this!

Creation Status Changed to Needs Review
by V_lt November,03 2021 01:17