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Posted on The falling Heros Of Long ago Dungeon (1 Star) creation

You can edit your posts instead of making new ones if you are posting same dungeon anyway. That approach at least keeps the comments.

Short feedback room by room:

Fall_Hero_entrance - has vfx and DNT decorations
Fall_Hero2_entrance - ok
Fall_Hero3_entrance - has no monsters
Fall_Hero4_entrance - ok

Fall_Hero_Gameplay_Room - no monsters
Fall_Hero2_Gameplay_Room - good room layout, but a bit too many spikes and no monsters
Fall_Hero3_Gameplay_room - looks very royal! may be a bit too much lava
Fall_Hero4_Gameplay_Room - has vfx, passages might be too tight

Fall_Hero_Boss_Room - has vfx, last time when you shown this i said one vfx block could be alright because it fits so nicely. 3 is too much
Fall_Hero2_Boss_Room - ok
Fall_Hero3_Boss_Room - ok
Fall_Hero4_Boss_Room - ok

Dungeon file,

Blueprint = Fall_Hero3_Gameplay_Room
Quantity = 3
Weight = 0.5

Quantity = 3 means that room can spawn 3 times. You keep increasing Quantity together with variation number, you do not need to do that. While it does not break anything in this dungeon, doing that with more complex structures would be a disaster.


The way it is done now, lair only has 4 possible ways to spawn (as if you only had 4 rooms) while you have 16 rooms. Like i said before, rooms should be able to replace each other. If there is only one option there is no reason to separate rooms.
Only your Variation 3 has different layout (stairs to the sides) , all other rooms have same layout meaning they could work together. As, all entrances could work with all gameplay rooms. If you at least make that work i would have no further objections about variations.

A player approaching the dungeon should expect some element of surprise, with your current design players would know exactly what are they going to see.

Also as a general design note, it would seem you are using various in-game elements as structures. Its fine to certain extent, but it would be better if dungeon had its personal unique appearance.

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