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Delicious 2 months ago

Magica actually gives alpha effects! Rather than Magica producing that [assuming maybe you're seeing this on the render effects,] you'd still need to colour it the shades of grey as listed in these values:


H S L values

Most Opaque Glass0 0 240
|0 0 208
|0 0 176
|0 0 144
|0 0 112
|0 0 80
|0 0 48
 Most Clear Glass0 0 16


Use any value from the table you'd like to put on the rainbow, and you should be able to put that on a _a.qb mapping file. :-)

Criticism-wise, great work! I feel like it's pretty good! the concept itself is pretty dang rare, and amazing work on it!! :DDD 

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2 months ago

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