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Posted on Rainbow Rider

Delicious posting as a Modder 6 days ago

Magica actually gives alpha effects! Rather than Magica producing that assuming maybe you're seeing this on the render effects, you'd still need to colour it the shades of grey as listed in these values:


H S L values

Most Opaque Glass0 0 240
|0 0 208
|0 0 176
|0 0 144
|0 0 112
|0 0 80
|0 0 48
 Most Clear Glass0 0 16


Use any value from the table you'd like to put on the rainbow, and you should be able to put that on a _a.qb mapping file. :-)

Criticism-wise, great work! I feel like it's pretty good! the concept itself is pretty dang rare, and amazing work on it!! :DDD 

6 days ago

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