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Delicious posting as a Artist 1 week ago

You mentioned you used some reference, where is it? :0c

I'd have to say, it feels very soft! Very atmospheric, but then I feel like it overlaps the lack of detail that it's struggling to share. True, I do see a load of fog here and there, grass, and the sky, but otherwise, it's a very simple detail. The only thing I feel that it's lacking more so of now is life because it seems that there's barely that I can feel from it. I highly recommend trying to insert some bog trees here and there, because the biome does include those bog/swamp trees, and maybe adding silhouettes to dinosaurs can definitely spice things up that this Tyrannosaurus Rex is ready to display his tyrannic havoc towards his fellow prehistoric neighbours.

This is a rough sketch of what I'm envisioning, but this is entirely just how I'm meaning to suggest more life to the atmosphere - otherwise, feel free to experiment! There's always different sorts of trees to take reference from, especially Google is the best source of help! :-D

Good luck to your entry, and keep up the good work! ♥


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