A robot themed costume for the Lunar Lancer.

Designed by: TFMHisztike


Themes: Lunar Neon


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Thanks for taking part in our [PR0T0 LANC-R] costume challenge for [TFMHisztike]. We have the results ready for you. We were very happy with the effort people made and the quality they produced.

Receives code for the [PR0T0 LANC-R] costume and 2x Reward Tokens.

For the next two weeks [TFMHisztike] is challenging the artist community to create fan art of the [PR0T0 LANC-R] costume for a chance to receive one as a reward.

PR0T0 LANC-R costume and Lunar Trickster costume

  • [PR0T0 LANC-R] costume for the Lunar Lancer