Cowboy Gunslinger

A costume for the Gunslinger.

Yeehaw partners in crime, partners in time.

Designed by: Trove Team


Themes: Frontier Frontier

Database Changes

Changes in the database for Cowboy Gunslinger

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June 5, 2021 Contribution

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June 5, 2021 Contribution

obtained changed from

Unlocked together with [Revolver\'s Choice] gun style and [Cowboy\'s Choice] helmet style.


Can be purchased for 25 [Valor Coin]s from merchant NPC during Splendid Summer 2021 in-game Event.


Can not be traded.

June 1, 2021 Database Change

rarity changed from '' to 'Common'

June 1, 2021 Database Change

mastery changed from '0' to '70'

June 1, 2021 Database Change

Entry created

April 27, 2021 Chloromancer Regrowth