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liked this!

Need a code for this mount

can i get the code?)

may i please have a code for this mount


Go to the Main Page, there ist a section called "Promo" click on "Claim" underneath Sageosaurus ^_^

Hey, can you please supply me with a code for this fellow, good sir?

can i get the code kind sir


can i get code pls

can i please get a code?

I want a code pls

Thanks you

I want code

I would like to claim this code to get this mount, I really appreciate it.

N consigo resgatar nd

I would like to claim this code to get this mount, I really appreciate it.

I want it but it's good so yeah



thank you so much!

ok thank you do you know when ? trying to get all promo mounts

[Deleted User]

This comment by xLaneyyyy (PS4/NA) has been removed by xLaneyyyy (PS4/NA)

Yes they regularly get restocked. No need for caps.

Yooo Laney!!!! I'm trying to get this mount as well bro

waiting for the codes to run out after every possible combo. 

we need to keep this b0i alive.

and get him a cake

cus he is lit

Are you actually restocking or are they already gone forever?

they literally restocked like idk 2 months ago.... now theres like 8000 codes


how to get?

There's a promotion on here right now, 4113 as of my writing of this


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