A list of all the collection items found in the client, some of these items may not be in the game.

Effects: Energy Regen

Amatrix, the Hexed
Having this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +5% Energy Regeneration, +400 Physical Damage, +400 Magic Damage and +50 Magic Find.
Angry Poop
8% Energy Regen
Arctic Behe-Moth
+33 Energy Regeneration
Borkshire Pudding
30 Energy Regen
Brian Bones
18 Energy Regen
Brilliant Glowfly
5 Energy Regen
Brown Behe-Moth
33 Energy Regeneration
Calzone Courier
25 Energy Regen
Candorian Cookie
28 Energy Regen
Cardinal Wildwing
+38 Energy Regeneration
18 Energy Regen
Chard Chitterer
9% Energy Regen
Chef Qubesly
+28 Energy Regeneration
Cookie Bakerbot
+28 Energy Regeneration
Dapper Dallamian
8 % Energy Regen
8 % Energy Regen
Emerald Glowfly
5 Energy Regen
Empyreal Emperor Butterfly
+33 Energy Regeneration
Energetic Emblem
Temporarily boosts your Energy Regeneration
Feisty Flamedancer
+12% Energy Regeneration
Fizzy Pink Octopus
5 % Energy Regen
Fractious Fury
30 Energy Regen
Fuchsia Flitterer
+33 Energy Regeneration
Handsome Harold
10 Energy Regen
Hatched Shadow Egg
+8% Energy Regeneration
Itty Bitty Chick
15 Energy Regen