Club Adventures

Club Adventures are started by heroes summoned from the Rally of Heroes in Club Worlds.

Adventures reward Adventurine which can be used to purchase items or crafted into Clubit to upgrade your club.

You can pick up adventures from any club world, and that club will earn club experience when it is completed.

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Collect a Chaos Chest 1
Club Adventure / adv_trove_world_unique_new
Obtain a Chaos Chests from creatures or dungeons in Adventure Worlds. Remeber, I only count looted chests.
Snackle fixtures/adventure_mimic_chaoschestgold
Collect Air Gem Boxes 25
Club Adventure / adv_cursed_skylands_unique_01
Collect Air Gem Boxes from Cursed Skylands. Air Gem Boxes can drop from dungeon bosses or world bosses.
Susiria fixtures/adventure_quetzalcoatlus_zephyrus
Collect Cosmic Gem Boxes 25
Club Adventure / adv_geode_surface_unique_01
Collect Cosmic Gem Boxes from Geode Topside worlds. Cosmic Gem Boxes can drop from dungeon bosses or world bosses.
Ambarine fixtures/adventure_pebble_orange
Collect Fire Gem Boxes 25
Club Adventure / adv_igneous_islands_unique_01
Collect Fire Gem Boxes from Igneous Islands. Fire Gem Boxes can drop from dungeon bosses or world bosses.
Udunn fixtures/adventure_golem_ignianlord
Collect Water Gem Boxes 25
Club Adventure / adv_drowned_world_unique_01
Collect Water Gem Boxes from Drowned Worlds. Water Gem Boxes can drop from dungeon bosses or world bosses.
Uzumi fixtures/adventure_wraith_aquan
Deal Damage or Win in Bomber Royale
Club Adventure / adv_hub_world_unique_BR_damage_win
Deal 100,000 damage in Bomber Royale or win 1 Bomber Royale match.
Mysterious Champion fixtures/adventure_biped_hero_sunseeker_hooded
Defeat 3 Delve Bosses 3
Club Adventure / adv_delves_unique_01
Dive down deep into a Delve and defeat 3 of the bosses within.
Larsene fixtures/adventure_biped_hero_shadowtrader
Defeat a Shadow Titan 1
Club Adventure / adv_shadow_tower_unique_02
Travel to the Shadow Tower and defeat 1 of the Shadow Titans. Spikewalker, Weeping Prophet, Vengeful Pinata God, Shadow Hydrakken, Darknik Dreadnaught, OR Daughter of the Moon at any difficulty level.
Defeat Dungeon Bosses In Candoria 15
Club Adventure / adv_candoria_short_dungeons_new

Cardinal Richemelieu fixtures/adventure_biped_popman_cardinal
Defeat Dungeon Bosses In Cursed Vale 15
Club Adventure / adv_cursed_vale_short_dungeons_new

Archlich Kizappian fixtures/adventure_wraith_sorceror
Defeat Dungeon Bosses In Desert Frontier 15
Club Adventure / adv_desert_frontier_short_dungeons_new

Marshall McTaggart fixtures/adventure_punchbot_sheriff
Defeat Dungeon Bosses In Dragonfire Peaks 15
Club Adventure / adv_dragonfire_peaks_short_dungeons_new

Katonnis fixtures/adventure_wraith_drakelord
Defeat Dungeon Bosses In Fae Forest 15
Club Adventure / adv_fae_forest_short_dungeons_new

Lady Seldarine fixtures/adventure_fae_moonprophet
Defeat Dungeon Bosses In Forbidden Spires 15
Club Adventure / adv_forbidden_spires_short_dungeons_new

Irran-Shu fixtures/adventure_foxspirit_celestial
Defeat Dungeon Bosses In Jurassic Jungle 15
Club Adventure / adv_jurassic_jungle_short_dungeons_new

Sarlash fixtures/adventure_scissorhand_tiger
Defeat Dungeon Bosses In Medieval Highlands 15
Club Adventure / adv_medieval_highlands_short_dungeons_new

Mycenius fixtures/adventure_biped_mushroomwizard
Defeat Dungeon Bosses In Neon City 15
Club Adventure / adv_neon_city_short_dungeons_new

Neologus fixtures/adventure_observer_robotoverlord
Defeat Dungeon Bosses In Permafrost 15
Club Adventure / adv_permafrost_short_dungeons_new

Chief Brosquatch fixtures/adventure_biped_yetialpha
Defeat Dungeon Bosses In Treasure Isles or the Lost Isles 15
Club Adventure / adv_treasure_isles_short_dungeons_new

Davey Drowner fixtures/adventure_biped_medium_pirrot_drowned
Dracantes fixtures/adventure_humanoid_flakbeard
Defeat Radiant Giants 20
Club Adventure / adv_sky_realm_unique_01
Travel to the Radiant Ruins world and defeat Radiant Giants. They appear on floating islands to guard the Crystalized Clouds that accumulate there, but something has gotten into them lately...
Narandir fixtures/adventure_giant_radiant
Go Fishing 25
Club Adventure / adv_sea_of_regret_boot_unique_01
Any fish or boots will work! Talk to Saltwater Sam in the hub to get started.
Ol' Boothilda fixtures/adventure_boot_muddy
Trigger Magic Find 50
Club Adventure / adv_ganda_wonder_unique_magicfind_new

Ganda the Sky Shepherd fixtures/adventure_raptor_birdgold
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