Trove Builds

Class builds with stat priorities, gear, allies, flasks and gems.


Lame ol' TR

TR is very bland to play, has mediocre DPS, but is a solid tank. Note: TR has a set Attack Speed like Draco.
Tank, Support, Shadow Towers, Leveling,

Tankiest Tank

This is the Tank build for the Tomb Raiser, only usefull for Shadow towers. This allows you to be the Tankiest character in the game without using any exploit. READ ALL THE NOTES AND THE FINAL NOTES ON "Full" SECTION
Shadow Towers, Tank,

Invincible TR (While Building DPS!)

By Following this guide, your TR shall never fall! (Literally UNKILLABLE) No glitch or bugs involved!
Shadow Towers, Damage,

Kuki's Tomb Raiser Build.

Tomb Raiser's stats build from Kukui's Class Guide with Empowered Gems from Underrated54's guide.
Support, Damage,
Shadow Towers, Damage, Tank, Farming,

End Game TR guide by an end-game TR

This is a build i've been working on since TR released, and has been updated several times with the introduction of Troves of Wonder, Manle Of Power and other content patches. If you want more detail on this build, the original page I made is posted here =
Tank, Damage, Shadow Towers, Farming,

Akira's Tomb Raiser(FULL DAMAGE)

Subclasses: Shadow Hunter = More Damage Revenant = More Survivability
Damage, Shadow Towers,
Tank, Shadow Towers,
Damage, Leveling,

but I'm already dead?

How to not die again as TR
Tank, Support, Shadow Towers, Damage,

Tomb Raiser, the Necromancer.

We are Necromancers. We wont wait the Energy to Regen, and we wont kill our enemies. We just summon things, and they just kill our enemies and protects (tanks damage) us.
Damage, Shadow Towers, Farming, Support,

Tomb Raiser

Normal TR build, isn't good for farming normal dungeons
Shadow Towers, Support,
Play Trove


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