Selene, my Ice Sage, picks yet another fight with Tori, my Boomeranger. But everything doesn't quite go as planned.

Here are the lines, my handwriting isn't so great in this one. Sorry!

First Page: Panel 1:

Tori: HEY! Selene! Fight me!

Selene: Are you sure you want to do that after last time?

Tori: Yes! I'm not afraid of you!

Selene: All right, suit yourself. Don't come crying to me when you lose.

Panel 2:

Selene: If it's a fight you want, then a fight you will get!

Tori: You're on. Let's see just how long you can last, Selene.

Page 2:

Panel 1:

Selene: I tried to warn you, but now that you're frozen in time, do you have any...

Panel 3: Reianna: Steady...

Panel 4: Selene: ...last words?

Panel 5:

*attemped Trove death noise in an action bubble*

Reianna cached in Selene's chips

Panel 6:

Selene's Gravestone: Selene lacked 1337 skills

Selene (ghost): Ugh... I had almost defeated her! Why is Shadowshot so OP?! ;_;

I have to deal with this every time I do PVP with anyone, haha. I hate Shadow Hunter so much... but I hate that I don't have a shield anymore even more. 

I'm naming this new series The Untiltables, and it will hopefully be focused on PVP since that is what I spent most of my time in Trove doing. But it will not be on the Bomber Royale gamemode since I do not care for it at all. I will try to upload them every once in a while but there's no set schedule for them at this time.


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