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The Geodian Dragon

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The Geodian Dragon


by _FutureHero_ June 9, 2018 - 4 months ago

The Geode Update

This is the Geodian Dragon I would like it if someone could make a mod for it :3



PC Artist

  Hello everyone. My name's Future one of the two owners of the club, Altaira. I love to draw and have learned the ways of ms paint. Thats all I have to say, have a good day.  :D


Replaced 3 months ago

Additional Text

This is the Geodian Dragon I would like it if someone could make a mod for it :3

I tryed my best to make it fit with the geode theme the crystal colors and the dark around its eyes are like the pebble and boulder npcs. I would also like if someone could come up with a good name for him cause the geodian dragon is the best I got. DX

also the dark spots under each crystal on the back are slots for them if it were possible at all the back crystals would only come out of those slots and glow when flying. 

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I think this looks more like a shadow dragon which the Sunseekers ended up enslaving. "I don't trust them even if they say they are pacifists lol." Overall I like the design o/

AirRider 4 months ago


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